A Winged Victory

from by Dawn Of The Maya



want to tell the world.
I swear, I promise forever.
To empower the people with love.
And not control their minds with fear.

I’ve got to face it now.
It’s not the time to surrender.
Our hands will be together.
For a better victory.

Our victory!
This is the power, the people, our victory.

All my life was grey and I was blind again,
into the darkness. Again.
Again and again.
All my life decays and I don’t mind again,
breaking the silence. Again.
Again and again.

I got something to sing.
An anthem for today.
We are walking under the wings of victory.
I got something to sing.
We’re walking under…

I want to tell the world…


from Colossal, released October 20, 2016



all rights reserved